About Us

Sferra Waterproofing LLC is a family owned and operated business that proudly serves the Portage, Summit, Geauga, and Cuyahoga counties.  We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why we deal directly with the customer throughout the entire process.  Our goal is to give peace of mind to all potential customers by educating each customer about their unique problem and to provide open honest consultation.  Integrity is the foundation of our business and the core principle we operate by.  We work hands on through every step of the process to ensure that our quality of work is the most superior in the business.  Our interior drainage design is less evasive than expensive outdoor perimeter systems, and has been a proven time tested solution for over 20 years.


sferra_waterproofing_garage_2013-04-27_3Who we are?

John Sferra:  Electrical engineer with solid ability of all trades that enables him to provide practical solutions to all your basement problems

Vincent Sferra:  Water Treatment Specialist with integrity and efficiency acquired through the military and an earned degree in economics.  This enables him to provide cost effective principles which translates to the highest quality products & services at the lowest cost.