Foundation Crack Repair

Stabilizes, Seals & Strengthens

Foundation wall cracks are typically caused by soil shrinkage, soil expansion, or thermal movement. Cracks can cause minor problems, but over time, even minor cracks can expand and cause a loss of structural stability or, more commonly, cause your basement to leak or flood.

Help Reduce Radon & Mold

Most basements, because of how they are built, eventually leak. Even if a crack is not currently leaking, water will eventually find it. Foundation Cracks, if left unfixed, can lead to larger issues:

Many homes in the have radon problems. You can help to minimize the entry of cancer causing radon gas into your basement by sealing cracks in the foundation and along the basement walls.

Any basement environment that has water (moisture) will advance the growth of mold. Mold will continue to grow if a moisture problem is undiscovered or unaddressed.

Mold can cause or worsen conditions such as asthma, hay fever, and or other allergies.The best and most cost effective strategy to managing the growth of mold and mildew is to prevent the intrusion of water and moisture into the basement.

Foundation Crack Repair

Our Foundation Crack Repair stabilizes, seals, and strengthens a cracked foundation wall. It repairs vertical, horizontal, and corner foundation wall cracks. Our Foundation Crack Repair process is a mixture of carbon fibers in conjunction with epoxy /resin. The Foundation Crack Repair is warranted for 5 years and also provides structural integrity and peace of mind.

Sferra Waterproofing is trained and certified to properly correct foundation crack repair. Sferra Waterproofing also recommends that the GrateSump be installed with every crack repair. The GrateSump targets and helps to relieve hydrostatic pressure below the basement floor.

AC Primary Pump

  • Energy efficient (uses 50% less electricity among other sump pumps)
  • Stainless steel & cast iron construction.
  • Continuous duty construction
  • Upper and lower ball bearing (Perfectly balanced shaft and impeller)
  • Removable strainer
  • Dual float controller (For extra reliability)
  • Alarm Alerts home owner of switch and/or pump problems
  • Alarm system hook-up (connect to home security system)
  • 20′ cord
  • Three Year Manufacturers Warranty