Sump Pump Install

Sump Pump

Welcome to the GrateSump™, an integral component of your new water control system. The GrateSump has several key features that ensure unmatched performance and reliability like no other in the basement industry.

Performance & Reliability

Does not promote undermining of the foundation
Traditional sump liners can remove sediment from under the basement footing causing the foundation to weaken.

GrateSump resists iron and clogging
With large engineered slots on the front two sides of the GrateSump the sump liner reduces clogging and increases water flow.

Built in pump stand
Built in pump stand keeps debris away from pump and aids in cleaning.

Dehumidifier drain plug
Connect your dehumidifier to the built-in drain plug.

GrateSump dual combination
GrateSumps can be linked together to add an additional back up pumping system.

Virtually airtight cover
The impressive steel gray plastic cover reduces ground humidity from entering basement.

Typical sump liners are deeper and can remove water from under the foundation that is vital for the stability of the soils supporting the footing.

GrateSumps allow more water into them from under the basement slab while not affecting the zone of influence under the foundation.